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Key therapy associates accept referrals from GPs, psychiatrists and other NHS professionals, rehabilitation and insurance companies, solicitors as well as self-referrals from individuals. The aim is to see patients quickly and provide an alternative service as independent psychological providers without lengthy waiting lists.  We accept patients that are suited to primary and secondary care for psychological therapy and work with patients with dual diagnosis and personality disorders. We provide a highly skilful psychological and psychiatric assessment and can refer to NHS agencies and signpost patients if appropriate.


We can provide short term and long term treatment in particular, which is currently not easily available in the NHS.  We do not have stringent referral criteria and work with patients with complex needs. Although we do not have exclusion criteria, we can turn a patient away after psychological and/or psychiatric assessment if they are deemed inappropriate for therapy at present.  If they have other multi-agency support from NHS, we are happy to liaise with our NHS peers.


Referral process is simple, please e-mail


You can also ring 07544 752667 to discuss a referral further if you wish.


If the referral is made by a professional, a brief letter that can be e-mailed to the address above is required to provide rationale for a referral, previous treatments and mental health history if appropriate.  It would be also helpful to state if there are any risk concerns regarding a particular patient.


With self-referral, it would be helpful if you can e-mail us some prior information about why you are seeking therapy. You are very welcome to ring Dr Jana Jenkins, Clinical Director of Key Therapy Associates to discuss a potential treatment.  If you are not sure about what psychological therapy entails, Dr Jenkins is happy to provide a brief free face to face or telephone consultation.


We provide a range of treatments and fee structure reflects the type of treatment. Fees range from £40 to £90 per session.



Thatcham House, suite 18a and 18b Turners Drive, Thatcham RG19 4QD

Telephone: 07544 752667